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Welcome to my site, where personal empowerment meets profound transformation.

I am Danilo Barzaghini, coach, remote viewer, author, hypnotist and project manager. Through a multidimensional approach and innovative techniques, I will guide you to the goals you have always wanted to achieve. My work is not limited to superficial solutions; it is deeply rooted and manifests in new perceived states of being.

Have you ever experienced these challenges?

Do you feel blocked and unable to achieve your goals? Do you see your goals as distant and difficult to achieve? Are you unable to cope optimally with everyday life? Do you have fears and worries that prevent you from living your best life?

I have also experienced these difficulties

I was at the bottom of the ladder due to bad decisions, a negative attitude and alcohol abuse. Everything seemed blocked: Work, relationships, love, finances and career. I had to pick myself up, turn everything upside down and look for methods to become a better person. I attended courses, studied and found solutions for myself. Over time, people around me started asking me for advice and I started a professional coaching business.

My solution

I learned techniques used by professional coaches, such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, and specialized in Remote Viewing to better understand the interplay between the conscious and unconscious mind. With my experience and knowledge, I can bring about change and alter people's perception of their own reality.

My results and those of my clients

The people who have participated in my coaching programs have achieved amazing results. Reviews and testimonials confirm the significant improvements in their lives, both physically and emotionally. Here is what some of them say:

“Working with Danilo is entertaining, clear and precise. He asked clear and direct questions, and in just a few sessions I experienced profound changes.”

“Danilo accompanied me in my difficult decisions and uncertainties without deciding for me. He is an enrichment in my life.”

“I can hardly find the words to express the small miracle that Danilo has worked for me. My health has improved, my weight is down and the challenges in my life no longer seem so big.”

I present my coaching programs:

  1. 3-month personal coaching program: 24 private sessions for comprehensive strengthening.
  2. 6-month follow-up coaching program: 1 session per month, 6 sessions in total.
  3. 2-month coaching program: 1 session per week, 10 sessions in total.
  4. 6-month coaching program: 2 sessions per month for continuous support, 12 sessions in total.
  5. 12-month coaching program: 1 session per month, 12 sessions in total.

Why it's great for you:

You will see life from a new, enriching, joyful and open perspective, without boundaries. You will receive the structures necessary to recognize and control your situation.

What makes it unique

My background consists of practical experience and a deep understanding of the interactions between body, mind and subconscious. I offer a unique approach that combines different techniques to achieve concrete and sustainable results.

That's why it's a great offer...

Imagine how much time and money you would have to spend to solve these problems on your own. My programs offer a comprehensive solution at a competitive price and save you years of trial and error.

You will also receive...

  • Free Webinar
  • Free book in PDF and ePub format: “Being Human”
  • Free online meetings and VIP participation in workshops when you book a specific individual course.
  • Exclusive discounts on selected products and workshops

No risk for you

I offer a 15-day satisfaction guarantee: money back. You can try it risk-free.

There are a limited number of places for personal coaching due to my limited availability. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your life now.

Here is an additional bonus

To overcome your main concern, I offer a free introductory session to show you how we can work together and achieve tangible results.

Receive a tailored coaching program, access to free resources and ongoing support. All this to help you achieve your goals and lead a fulfilled and happy life.


“Thanks to working with Danilo, I have already been able to address and heal various problems, both physical and psychological. With just a few targeted questions, he fully grasped the issues to be worked on and resolved the blockages in a very short time.”

Don't miss the opportunity to change your life with my coaching. Click here to start your transformation journey today!