„You can change, even now"

with foreword by Lyn Buchanan

We change, others change, perspectives change and relationships change”.

Danilo Barzaghini's publishing project is an introspective and captivating journey aimed at anyone in search of a new existential balance. The co-star of the book is undoubtedly the experience described as a tendency to accept the uncertainty of a life in constant flux. Where humans see fragility and uncertainty, it is possible to rediscover the ability to grasp the subtle sensations and interactions that exist outside and within us. Particularly timely is the message of hope that is conveyed page after page; an invitation to look to the future with greater awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

“In this excellent book, Danilo discusses the factors that make up the simple word ‘change’. It is not as simple and easy a word as we often think, and our reactions to it are often extremely complex - and of the utmost importance.”

Lyn Buchanan

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“Being human”

with foreword by Angela Ford

Discover the journey beyond the boundaries of perceptible reality, where matter, spirit and energy intertwine in a profound exploration of the human condition. In the pages dealing with the transmission of knowledge, freedom of choice and our interconnectedness with the universe, this book leads you on a reflection on belief systems, the evolution of consciousness and the search for balance between body, mind and spirit. Immerse yourself in a text that challenges conventions, invites the discovery of transcendent dimensions of knowledge and provides an understanding of the ecology of the self. Fill out the form to download the book for free and begin your journey to a new consciousness, beyond the limits of sensory perception, towards a life of deep understanding and transcendental meaning. Your adventure into the depths of being begins now.

Danilo Barzaghini

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“Danilo Barzaghini's book Being Human is provocative. It is just as thought-provoking as his first book, You Can Change, Even Now. Through Danilo Barzaghini's spiritual journey as a healer and remote viewer, this book aims to open the mind to other ways of thinking.”
Angela Ford

„Die Kunst des wahren Seins"


How to overcome your inner limitations and unleash your full potential


In The Art of True Being, [your name] invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth In a world characterized by constant demands and external expectations, this book offers a way to free yourself from societal pressures and inner limitations

A comprehensive guide to self-realization, this book will help you unleash your true self and live an authentic, fulfilling life The author shares valuable insights and practical techniques based on his own experiences and years of working with clients


  • Self-awareness: learn how to recognize and use your strengths, weaknesses, values and passions to consciously shape your life
  • Authenticity: Learn to develop the courage to live your true self and act in accordance with your deepest beliefs
  • Self-love: Discover the power of self-love and how to build healthy self-esteem
  • Purposeful living: Set clear and meaningful goals and learn how to actively pursue them
  • Resilience: Develop the ability to overcome adversity and emerge stronger from challenges
  • Gratitude: Learn to appreciate the good in your life and foster a positive attitude
  • Compassion: Learn how compassion can create deeper connections and more meaningful relationships
  • Patience and perseverance: Find out how these virtues can help you achieve long-term success and fulfillment
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